Ever since I can remember when I first started djing I always felt that something was missing while constructing my sets. It seemed that certain songs when played together just didn’t have the same vibe as two completely other songs that sounded much more in line with each other. I sometimes remember telling myself that it must be the way I mixed the song or the place I started to mix it from wasn’t the most appropriate but couldn’t quite pinpoint it. Then one day my little brother showed me this program called Mixed In Key and the Camelot Wheel, I didn’t understand it at first because it looked very complicated. But then as he started to explain how the process of mixing songs together with the same elements would create a harmonic vibe I was eager to learn quickly. The first mix while using keys made me understand more about music construction and the elements in creating a vibe that would get any party rocking. That’s when I grasped the whole concept when you play a record that is not within the same harmonic key it’s exactly like playing the guitar and hitting the wrong chord and sounding totally out of tune. Now when I start out my nights I take the energy from low to high and in time the place is jumping but the difference now is the incredible energy that is built on my dance floor. I finally feel like the missing element is complete and know when I mix the next song it’s not going to be a total buzzkill like it did in the past. Thanks to Mixed in Key for the upgraded package and all their essential tools which I have been playing around for a bit now. All I can say is if you don’t use this then your missing out and if you’re not using mashup, odesi, or platinum note then just stop djing altogether.


To purchase Mixed in Key or any of their outstanding products follow this link trust me you won’t be disappointed.